Temporary Pleasures, 2021
1 Point of Purchase Display, 4 Package Designs, 24 Vinyl Sticker Designs

The goal of Temporary Pleasures is to provide an enjoyable interaction and a thinking ground for my audience to consider the amount of “impulse-buys” they consume. The things we buy, before thinking about it, are never what they were promised to be, and even
though we all know this, it’s easy to forget it. Illusive and manipulative strategies that marketers use to sell products to us, unfortunately works. 

This project is intended to hold sellable merchandise that satirically expresses this manipulation we all face. I am investigating my own abilities to influence my audience’s perception and length of time spent with my piece through the use of:
Buy-able Product

Leftovers, 2020
Sticky Notes, Voicemails, Thumb Tacks, Cork Board, 24″ x 36″

Leftovers, is a response to the selected International Society of Typographic Designers’ brief, Putting Things in Order. The target audience for this piece is any person who has ever left, or received, a voicemail.

Through the use of typography, we were asked to illustrate unique ways that people organize things, or put them in order. The “things” were not limited in what they could be, other than they had to provide a sense of organization.

The work I am presenting in response to this prompt is a typographic study of my cluttered, yet chronologically ordered voicemail box.

I’m interested in what’s left over when these dated, and time sensitive messages are no longer relevant. Through value changes, I explore the shift in the personal and present significance of these memos through the removal of the original intent of them. I have used space and line breaks to encourage my audience to read these messages how they sound in the recordings. I have also placed each message in order from most to least recent. The viewer is meant to see these messages in order, left to right, top to bottom as I would see them in a long scroll through my cellphone mailbox.

Much like an unemptied voicemail box, sticky notes hold little to no significant information for anyone but ourselves. They are our own empty records of what used to be “now.” As the adhesive wears off from sticking and re-sticking, the corners bend, and the ink smears, it acts synonymously with the way we recall upon a memory as a little different, every time. Having the time stamp on these messages, helps to remind us that though these moments have passed, there is still so much that is left over.

Hear Us Out, 2019
Plywood, Hardware, Bathroom Stall, Toilet Paper, Toilet, Sharpies, Clamp Lights

Hear Us Out, is an interactive installation originally executed in the summer of 2019 at a local concert in the basement of a Church in Elgin, IL.

This piece is an exploration of the brutal honesty, the human connection, and the judgement free zone that a public bathroom stall provides. 

Participants were prompted to leave their mark upon the walls.

Sound Connection, 2018
Plywood, Hardware, Noise Canceling Headphones, 3.5mm Jack, IPhone Dongle, Sharpies

Sound Connection, is an ongoing installation in which viewers are prompted to share one song/recording with me as I sit inside to listen. Participants are asked to write the: time, date, song/recording, and artist on the surface of the enclosure.  That way, each active period of Sound Connection can be turned into a chronological playlist. By incorporating the intimacy of handwriting and the sharing of music in this work, I want my audience to feel that their voice matters, and that someone is listening.

Upper Class, 2017
Graphite, Old Barn Wood, Hardware, Twine, Sharpies

Upper Class, was an interactive piece in which viewers were prompted to “leave what they had to say upon the frame using the provided sharpies.”