I am moved by change, people, and anything I find that visually expresses ‘life’ and the ‘passing of time.’ Working out of the Chicagoland area, I am interested in creating a space for viewers to reflect and interact with surfaces and that I present to them as meaningful. The goal of my most recent work is to leave the audience with an experience that is unique to their life, but still part of a whole.



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PROMPT: Each postcard has been sent out with a month on it. Whichever month you have received, please share a story that reminds you of that time of year. (It does not have to be a story about you, but one that you know well, is true, and feel comfortable sharing with people you may not know.) Leave your story on the side of the postcard without the return address. Please do not sign a name to your story. As soon as you’ve completed your postcard, place it in your mailbox to send it back my way.

This piece is intended to invite us all to connect intimately, but anonymously with everyone involved. It’s a study of human experience, reflection, interaction, and waiting. If you choose to participate, I may be sharing your stories publicly for others to experience and connect with. These stories are also going to be included in a monthly calendar for the year of 2021. I will be distributing a digital version of this calendar to everyone that participated once it’s created.

Thank you in advance for sharing a piece of your life with me and everyone else involved.
Much love,


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HEAR US OUT – 2019
PROMPT: Enter this stall, one at a time. To maintain privacy, shut the door behind you. Leave your mark with the provided sharpies. Please do not use the toilet.


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PROMPT: Place the headphones on your head. Plug in your music device, and play one whole song of your choice. Use the markers provided to write on the box: The Song, The Artist, The Time of Day, and The Date of Participation.

This information was used to create a chronological playlist HERE


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PROMPT: If you have something to say, use the provided sharpies and leave your mark upon the frame.

See detailed image of illustration below.


Stop Smoking, We Love You – Ink

Great Beans Event Poster – Ink

Escape – Graphite

Camping in October – Colored Pencil

God Moving Over the Face of Waters – Graphite

Corduroy – Graphite

Upper Class – Graphite/Installation

Are We Doomed – Graphite/Single Art for Foresight (Listen to Song)

Screen Printing

Beers Club – Reduction Screen Print

Holding On – Halftone Study

Nice – Color Layering and Gradient Study

Life Drawing (Observational)